B-Sides for Kate

The picture for this album almost makes me cry. That's me, Kristen Regester, and Pauly Doerr, the original Nice Peter band line up. We took that photo in Pauly's bathroom with a camera on a timer. This "album" is a collection of B-sides, stuff that didn't make the albums, but some of my favorites. It goes way back to the early years when our band photo was taken in a bathroom, and it's got some of my favorites. It's called B-Sides for Kate, because a lady named Kate asked me to put up All I Got (The Christmas Song). The collection needed a name, and that kinda stuff always gives me a sense of purpose. So here it is: B-Sides For Kate.

Nice Peter - B-Sides For Kate

Nice Peter

B-Sides For Kate

1. All I Got (the Christmas Song)3:36Download
2. I'm Just a Man1:26Download
3. High With Pauly3:01
4. My Favorite Bar3:45Download
5. Chuck Norris1:42Download
6. Spanglish (unreleased full band recording)4:19Download
7. Sarah Palin1:02Download