Live in Preston

This was a super high energy set, recorded in Preston, England. Featuring Kristen Regester on drums, a great crowd, and lot's of improv. Special thanks to Ed Monk, for booking the show, promoting the show, recording the show, and being wasted during the show.

Nice Peter - Songs About People

Nice Peter

Live In Preston

1. Intro3:42Download
2. Smoke That Weed2:36Download
3. Daniel the Boyfriend4:00Download
4. Knickers1:40Download
5. The Redwings2:41Download
6. 50 Cent is a Pussy2:30Download
7. F$%k London0:43Download
8. Spanglish5:29Download
9. Cover Bands3:05Download
10. Tru Gangster2:00
10. Chavs1:02Download
11. If You Really Love Me7:29Download
12. White Trash Woman3:48Download
13. My Right Hand4:07Download
14. The Bush Song6:39Download
15. Myster of the Clitoris4:32Download
16. I Quit, You Fat Mother F$%cker7:24Download