Starbucks Coffees


One of the things we enjoy most about the work we do is bringing you great coffees from around the world.

Some we present as single-origin coffees that showcase particular flavors unique to their birthplaces—we’ll talk about those in a moment. The rest we use to create amazing blends, and that’s what we’ll discuss here.

At Starbucks, we might blend a coffee to showcase a particular growing region. House Blend, for example, combines three great Latin American coffees into one brew that exemplifies the best qualities of that region: lively, clean, well-balanced flavors. Gazebo Blend® highlights African coffees—bright, citrusy and great on ice.

Alternatively, we might blend beans from separate growing regions to weave interesting interplays of aromas and tastes. Blends like Caffè Verona®, Gold Coast Blend® and Starbucks® Christmas Blend, offer complex flavors that can’t be found in single-origin coffees by themselves.