Web Programmer
[web proh-gram-er]

: an organism that turns caffeine into web applications

Web Programming differs from web design in many ways…

  1. A web programmer's work may never be seen by the end user.
  2. Web programming isn't done in the relatively simple HTML. While HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, it's not really a language per se. PHP, Javascript, and Perl are the most common programming languages for the web. While they don't compile or run like other programs, they are still very powerful, and wonderfully speedy.
  3. Web programming is science, where web design is art.

The differences between web design and web programming are so pronounced that most design firms have separate individuals for designing versus programming.

Lucky for you, though -- you found me.

A designer can give you a pretty web site. A programmer can give you one that works. I can do both.